Terms & Conditions


  • All class passes and visits can be purchased in the studio or online, and have varying expiration dates

  • SHiFT Cycling bikes can be reserved up to 14 days in advance online


  • Cancel your visit online through your account or you can always call the studio

  • Cancellation is by 8 PM the night before the scheduled class

  • Upon canceling with notice, your account will be credited for the class not used

  • If you don’t show up or forget to cancel, your account will be deducted a class as a no-show fee (unlimited riders will get charged $15.00)

Wait list/Walk-ins

  • By signing up for the wait list you are signing up for class, you will be notified via email that you got in (so stay connected until class time!)

  • If you haven’t heard  an hour before the class, go to the studio or take your name off the list as no-shows are always last minute!

  • If you get in from the wait list and don’t show up,  the system will charge you a no-show fee

  • Bikes will be released 5 minutes prior to class for the waitlist and walk-in riders (wait list has a priority over walk-ins)

  • If you are running late, call the studio to ask if we can hold your bike until class starts


  • SHiFT Cycling reserves the right to cancel class for inclement weather or low attendance

  • In the case of a cancellation, an email will be sent those signed up and the account will be credited

  • All rates are subject to 6.35% tax

Exercise Eligibility

Participant represents that: (i) there are no medical or physical conditions that would preclude his or her use of Shift’s Classes and Facilities; (ii) he or she has not been instructed by any physician not to use Shift’s Classes and Facilities; (iii) he or she is in good health and has no disability, impairment, injury, disease or ailment preventing him or her from engaging in active or passive exercise or which could cause increased risk of injury or adverse health consequences as a result of exercise. In addition, if in the opinion of Shift staff, Participant would be at physical risk using the Classes and Facilities, Participant will be denied access to Shift and its Classes and Facilities until participant furnishes Shift with an opinion letter from a medical doctor, at Participant’s sole expense, specifically addressing Shift’s concerns, and stating that Shift’s concerns are unfounded. If Participant declines to obtain such a letter, Participant will not be permitted to sue the Classes and Facilities of Shift Liability Release and Indemnification For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Participant agrees to release and to hold harmless Shift, the Classes and Facilities, the respective directors, officers, representatives, attorneys, members, agents and employees of Shift and the Classes and Facilities, and each of their respective affiliates (hereinafter collectively “Releasees”) from any and all liability, whether based on negligence, contract, tort, statute or otherwise, for any claim (including third party claims by the owners of the premises or other persons or entities), judgment, loss, liability, cost and expenses (including, without limitations, attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of or connected in any way with the Classes and Facilities, training, products, or other interaction Participant has with Shift or any Release (collectively, the “Services”), including but not limited to any claim arising out of or connected in any way with (i) any illness or injury (minimal, serious, catastrophic and/or death) that Participant may incur or sustain during or in any way in connection with the Services (whether or not at the premises and whether or not relating to any new or pre-existing condition, disclosed or undisclosed), (ii) any act or omission of any kind or character (whether negligent, grossly negligent, tortious or otherwise) of any employee, consultant, other independent contractor or other representative of Shift (whether at the premises, in connection with the Services, or otherwise) and (iii) all activities associated or connected in any way with the Services and while traveling to and from the premises, in each of the foregoing cases whether or not the Services are actually rendered in full or in part. Participant further expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Releasees and Releasees’ heirs, successors, assigns, executors and administrators against loss from any further claims, demands or actions that may subsequently be brought by Participant or by any other persons on the account of damages of any character resulting to Participant in any way from the foregoing activities. Participant further agrees to reimburse and to make good to Releasees any loss, damages, or costs Releasees may have to pay as a result of any such action, claim, or demand, including but not limited to attorney’s fees. Participant understands that the foregoing waivers and indemnities are a material inducement to Shift to allow Participant to receive the Services, that Shift is expressly relying on such waivers and indemnities in allowing Participant to receive the Services, and that but for such waivers and indemnities Participant would not be permitted to receive the Services.