At SHiFT, we are dedicated to providing warm welcome to everyone who walks in the door - especially if you’ve never visited us before. We understand that stepping into a new space (and committing to your fitness goals) can be intimidating so here are a few tips to read through prior to your arrival to calm any fears. Our front desk staff will be there to greet you when you arrive and they will help answer any additional questions.

  1. Be early.
    No one wants to be rushed. Give yourself time to adjust the bike and store your belongings by arriving 15 minutes early. Classes will start on time. Don’t forget: 5 minutes before a cycling class, unclaimed bikes are opened up to the wait list.

  2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
    You are guaranteed a sweat-sesh. Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated throughout class. We provide complimentary filtered water for you to fill (and re-fill)!

  3. Be present.
    Leave your stress (and maybe even your phone) in the parking lot. Allow yourself to engage in the class to maximize all those endorphin-releasing, calorie-burning, stress-reducing benefits of indoor cycling and strength training.

  4. Follow the leader.
    We all have moments when we just want to do our own thing. Resist the urge and stick to your instructor’s direction - especially when they involve safety cues! By collaborating as a team, we energize the room and help the instructor deliver a killer workout for all. If you know you need to leave early, kindly find a spot in the back to minimize any disruption for other class participants!

  5. Do your part.
    Let’s keep our bikes clean for our community by wiping down at the end of your ride—handle bars, knobs, seats and the body. Please wipe down mats after SHiFT Balance classes.

  6. Sign up, show up.
    Something come up last minute? No problem- just call or email Canceling in advance opens your spot for another participant AND avoids your account getting charged a no-show fee. Kindly cancel before 8pm on the evening prior to class. Monthly class holders will be charged $15.00 for no-shows.

  7. Unplug.
    We are all attached to our devices! Treat yourself to a cell phone-free hour and focus on your workout. We understand there are exceptions, but we ask you leave the studio to handle any urgent calls or texts if at all possible.