Cycle + Cycle 45

The Ultimate SHiFT ride set to an amazing playlist to keep you moving! Our instructors use interval training (high intensity bursts followed by recovery) to deliver a fun, calorie-burning, heart-pumping ride. Our digital leaderboard is utilized as a way to keep you accountable! Prepare to sweat, smile and break through your barriers.

Cycle E-Ride

Our Endurance Ride takes things to the extreme! 75 minutes of pure cycle time. Keep a look out for these classes on certain weekends and special holidays.

Cycle Strength

Our Strength ride builds endurance, sculpts lean muscle and keeps you on your toes! Several tracks incorporate hand weights to add upper body work into the mix. Add a little strength training to an already calorie-torching workout for truly amazing results!

Cycle/Balance - 30/30

THE total one-hour workout! This is 30 minutes of full-on commitment on your bike and 30 minutes of intense strength and core work in our Balance studio. A fully loaded SHiFT experience that is totally addictive!!!

Cycle Adaptive

This ride includes our friends with intellectual and other disabilities. Our team of instructors work with the group to make the ride fun, challenging and safe. The class is 40 minutes of ride time and is open to anyone including those involved with the STRIVE, Unified, Special Olympic and or SARAH programs. We welcome helpers of all ages to ride with the group. Guarantee you will be inspired!


 Booty Barre®

A fun, energetic, workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. Bootybarre® is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre.

Cycle/Balance - 30/30

A total SHiFT workout! 30 minutes of sweating on the bike, then transition to 30 minutes of pure strength and core work.. the ultimate SHiFT experience!!!


This class consists of high-intensity interval training, and nothing is off limits! Get your heart pumping, strengthen your body, and tone up, all while SHiFTing to be the best you can be!


This class will take you through a total body conditioning workout using Bosu Balls, bands, balance bars and disks. Coupled with your own body weight, this class provides a balanced approach to becoming stronger.

Stretch & Core

This class is the perfect compliment to your fitness routine. Explore a series of accessible stretches to bring more mobility and flexibility into the body while weaving in core work. Through this quick 55 minute class, you will strengthen while releasing muscular tension to push you further in your fitness and personal goals.