Class Descriptions


The Ultimate SHiFT ride. Our rockstar instructor uses interval training (high intensity bursts followed by recovery) to deliver fun, calorie-burning, heart-pumping ride. The SHiFT leaderboard will be used and a weight track incorporated into the class. It's the gold standard!

SHiFT Strength

Our Strength ride! Several tracks incorporate hand weights add upper body work into the mix. You multi-taskers will love to add a little strength training to this this fat burning workout!

SHiFT U 30

This is our Xpress ride! Get to fifth gear fast with this petite but powerful 30 minute class. Think of it as the express train to New Haven with 25 minute ride and a 5 minute cool down. Light on the rest and heavy on intensity... all aboard!

SHiFT Weights+Core

This is the workout trifecta: cardio, strength and abs!. Cycle for 45 minutes, using hand weights every other track. Intense bursts of cardio combined with strength training to blast calories while building muscular endurance. End the class with 5-7 minutes of floor work to strengthen your core. Remember BYOM (bring your own mat)!

SHiFT Adaptive

This ride includes our friends with intellectual and other disabilities. Our team of instructors work with the group to make the ride fun, challenging and safe. The class is 40 minutes of ride time and is open to those outside the STRIVE, Unified or SARAH programs. We welcome helpers of all ages to ride with the group. Guarantee you will be inspired!

SHiFT Endurance

Our Endurance Ride is for those of you looking for a little extra! Get 90 minutes of pure cycle time. Come ready for anything and watch your fitness level improve week to week. Great way to reset for the week!


"It is a personal training experience in which workouts are customized to your ability so you are pushed to a place you want to go. I leave feeling exhausted and exhilarated."






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